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Losing can be bittersweet

I did not advance to Round 3 in the PatternReview contest. I was disappointed—for about five minutes. I was surprised, too, because I thought my skirt was a splendid execution of the challenge, and it looks good and feels good. But alas, not everyone could move on to the next round. The end of my disappointment loosely coincided with learning what the next challenge would be. Everyone would be making the same dress, and it’s not one I wanted to make.

Yes, it’s cute. Yes, those stripes are compelling. But it’s not something I’d wear more than once or twice, and it looks like it would be really challenging to make it fit well. Before entering the sewing bee contest, I committed to making things that fit into my wardrobe, and this doesn’t really. Also, reading a little bit about other people’s challenges with the pattern sealed it for me. As a matter of fact, after the Sewing Bee participants were well into making their Rue creations, Colette announced they were taking the pattern off the market to make some corrections.

So by not advancing in the Sewing Bee, I was free to make whatever I want—and then I saw another contest. This one was easy—I just had to make pajamas, and I had already picked out a pattern, I had some great vintage plaid cotton fabric with “PJs” written all over it (figuratively). And as long as I posted and tagged my photo on instagram (where I already share a lot of my sewing projects), I would get a merit badge! I don’t think I’ve been recognized in this way for my sewing since I was about 9, and my Girl Scout troop sewed our own uniform skirts. I don’t know what I’ll put the badge on, but it will be fun to have. And I would have a chance at winning a new Singer sewing machine.

Camp Workroom Social pajama entry

Camp Workroom Social pajama entry on Instagram

In the end, the merit badge was the only part of the PJ contest I won. If you’re curious, you can read about the contest winners here: http://campworkroomsocial.com/blog/ Losing this contest was also bittersweet—I don’t have to figure out what to do with a sewing machine that I didn’t really want.

Next time I’ll tell you about the pattern drafting class that I attended recently.