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It’s the waiting game.

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I entered a contest, along with about 90 other people, and we all sewed shorts or capri pants. This is the third time PatternReview.com has held a contest like this, and I was apparently one of 19~ people who were entering their first contest. There were various rules that everyone had to follow, and the entries had to be made (via a pattern review at the website) by midnight on September 7. Winners will be announced tomorrow. These are the shorts I entered:


I hadn’t worn shorts during most of my adult life. I just hadn’t (and if you are thinking my legs look so white that they may have been covered up for years, you might guess one reason why I hadn’t). I did make a couple pairs in the past 6 years as practice garments in my quest for a good pants pattern and they’re not really around any more. One never fit very well and has a fatal hole in the back side (I should probably salvage the zipper and throw out the rest of them) and one was made from lousy fabric, eventually wearing out. After several Virginia summers, and after discovering this pattern, It’s safe to say that I’m into shorts again.

These are made with a lovely soft brushed twill, bought at full price several years ago—making it very dear to me. I made pants from the fabric a few months ago, and I cut these shorts from the leftovers. A large scrap, if you will. I was determined, and besides putting a seam in the waistband, I didn’t have to do any magic to make the pattern pieces fit on the cloth. Check out my last post if you want to see how little was left after cutting the shorts out.


But then about halfway into the process, I realized I had cut the front of the shorts incorrectly. See, earlier in the summer, I used the same pattern for denim shorts, but I made the version with a side zipper (not the sailor version). Because I used the pattern piece for the other version of the shorts…

Denim Endeavour shorts

…I just cut the same pattern piece for the green shorts. That was a mistake! The actual pattern piece I needed was about 1 1/2″ longer than what I had cut, sewed, pressed, and topstitched. The corner you see in the photo above—it should have been quite a bit taller, because it lines up with a waistband. I started to feel defeated. I felt there was no way I would take it apart, I didn’t have any extra material, but I did have a machinist husband with clever ideas. He knew I had added length to the shorts legs, and suggested I lower and re-cut the front seam curved edge. I took a few deep breaths and did that — and it worked.

I do really like the shorts and hope I have as much success when I make the long pants from this pattern. I hope I progress to the next round of the sewing contest, but if I don’t, I have plenty of other projects to work on.


Author: Accacia

I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.

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