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Sewing out of necessity

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Some time ago, when my husband and I were bed shopping, we decided to get one with drawers underneath and also eliminate a dresser from our bedroom. When we did that, we also re-organized our clothes and found some to give away, donate, turn into rags, etc. I have more clothes than I need and am aiming to not let my closets get out of control. This downsizing included some things I’ve made for myself, like a blouse that never fit well and was made from a strange fabric that I never liked. If I’m not going to wear it, I shouldn’t keep it.

I turned my sewing room into a disaster area with my Christmas presents sewing. Having a tight deadline (leaving for holiday travel on the 20th) will do that to a person. I spent much of my time after the holiday catching up with other projects and trying to fully shake the pre-Christmas cold that struck on the 19th. The only reason I entered the sewing room was to put something away or find a knitting needle. I so dreaded the mess that I couldn’t even get excited about starting a new project. Does that happen to you?

Panorama of the room

Panorama of the room

In Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the snow had started to fall on Friday morning, and didn’t really stop until Saturday evening. I had all of Friday (snow day!) and Saturday to catch up on other projects and bake lots and make two pots of soup. With all that out of the way, I braved my sewing room. My goal was to get things put away and cleaned up enough that I could start a new project—next weekend or next snow day I can finish dealing with the odds and ends. I sat down to my sewing machine and realized the snow’s glare was going to give me a headache. I needed curtains.

New curtains keep out the bright winter sun

New curtains keep out the bright winter sun

I’ve needed curtains for, well, a long time. The room became my sewing room four years ago and while I slapped together some panels for the street-facing windows, the large window facing the neighbor’s yard remained decorated only with a valance (leftover from the last place I lived). I bought the fabric (two choices!) in May. I figured out my measurements, cut the fabric and found something for lining, and had the curtains on the curtain rods in a couple hours. It’s wonderful!

If I continue to sew out of necessity, my next project should be trousers. But we’ll see…


Author: Accacia

I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.

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