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Sewing in the new year

The Machinist asked recently if I’d written anything on this blog lately, and what I thought I might write about next. And my first thought was to discuss my sewing room which is known by many different names. I’d just gotten a nice Christmas present to improve the room, which is very exciting, but I’m going to write about that later. I’m planning to change some furniture in there after visiting my parents in a couple weeks, so I will put off an update on the room.

Many sewing and crafty bloggers use New Years time to do a roundup of all their noteworthy projects from the past year, but I won’t be doing that. I sewed a lot of things, and I learned something new with each project. I hope to continue doing that in the new year. Some bloggers also discussed their reSEWlutions for 2015 and I’ve never been big on any kind of resolutions. I plan to do some more sewing and learning in 2015.

Thoughtfulness might be my theme for Puns N Needles in 2015.  I am trying to be thoughtful about what I sew, when I sew it and how I sew it.  I’m also trying to be thoughtful about my writing here. I do like to write and have some ideas about how to do that better this year, so stay tuned.