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Busy and quiet.

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I have been busy sewing, and knitting, and cooking (have you tried no-knead bread? Wow!) — yet quiet on this blog about what I’ve been making. I sew and I knit for various reasons (more on that in a later post), and I struggle with finding the motivation to tell the story of my creations.

But, I did recently finish several projects and also had a warm sunny day when I convinced the Machinist to snap some pictures.

That bread I mentioned – so simple, I could tell you the recipe from memory, and I’ve only made it twice.

No knead bread

No knead bread

I’ve finished two pairs of socks for me: one for work (black, to go with my uniform) and one with leftover yarn from socks I made for the Machinist.  Both patterns came from Cat Bordhi’s book on new “pathways” to socks. If you’re a sock knitter, check it out – outside the box sock construction based on your own measurements.

I finished knitting this sweater vest on a long afternoon at a truck stop, and I finished the sweater on one of our many snow days.

And now for the sewing.

First, Colette Laurel.  I decided to make this plain dress out of a lovely silk ikat for a fancy event in November. To get the fit right, I tried it first as a dress in bargain cotton, then in two shirts. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the final product.

Shirts, shirts, shirts.

I told my mom yesterday about all my new shirts and my never-ending (or so it seems) quest for a good pattern for well-fitting pants — she said “You are going to need something to wear with all of those shirts!” I made several pairs of pants back in 2000, and it seems I have a different body now!  I have turned to Craftsy for some lessons on pants-making and pants-fitting.  To be honest, I think I have bought all of the pants classes on Craftsy!  Most intriguing is Jeanius, where I’ve learned to copy a garment (i.e. my favorite corduroys that I own in 3 colors, most of which are starting to wear out) to make a pattern.  I’m stuck in the fitting stage, but here are some photos of “thread-tracing.”

I know that making new jeans/cords or getting the Vogue 2948 pattern (used in some other Craftsy classes) to fit well is going to be a challenge.  And now that I’ve worked through most all of my shirt stash, and mostly cleaned up my sewing room, there’s no excuse!  Stay tuned.


Author: Accacia

I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.

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