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Six Months!

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Six months ago, my husband and I were married on a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family from all around the world. Among our guests were six pregnant women. Six!  One gave birth about a month ago and the rest of them are all due within days of one another, between November 30 and December 4.  I went to the post office on Thursday and shipped off four baby gifts, and my tracking information tells me they have all been received – so I want to finally share what I’ve been working on this fall!  The others will be delivered soon.

On the clothesline

I hung them on the clotheseline one very cold morning last week.

Blanket now in Brooklyn

Blanket now in Brooklyn

This blanket went to Alta and her parents – a college friend and her husband – who live in Brooklyn.

Quilt in Brooklyn

Quilt in Brooklyn

This quilt also went to Brooklyn, to a friend I know from my Star Island days. She is having a boy.

Small stripey blanket

Small stripey blanket

The small one will be hand-delivered soon to friends who will be surprised about their baby’s sex.

Triangles quilt

Triangles quilt

This one is for Baby Quixote in Massachusetts, son of a high school friend and his wife.

Yellow blanket made in a doily pattern

Yellow blanket made in a doily pattern

The round yellow blanket went to Connecticut to another Star Island friend and her husband. They’re having a girl.

Red squares quilt

Red squares quilt

This one will be traveling just a couple miles up the road to some local friends who are having a girl.

Here are some more pictures of the baby presents. I am very excited about meeting some babies before too long!


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