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Sewing … and…

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Once I learned that September was declared National Sewing Month by Ronald Reagan, I decided I would try to sew each day this month.  And I have sewed most days since then, with few exceptions.


Rag rug

Last Thursday, I finished my first weaving project. I am learning to weave as a volunteer for Project Horizon, the local domestic violence support/prevention program. I get to keep my first project – subsequent rugs and scarves that I make will be sold, with proceeds going to help set up homes for clients of the program.

I have continued working on blocks for a baby quilt. My friends are collectively expecting six babies in the next 1-3 months, so I have been sewing and knitting a lot. I’m not saying too much about the quilts because they are surprises.  But I can tell you about the “reconditioning” work I did with the help of my industrious and generous husband.

With his help as well as the Singer Adjuster’s Manual for my model, I took apart and cleaned much of this machine.  And I was pretty grumpy when we put it back together and it didn’t sew properly.  No picture of that but trust me, it wasn’t good. I left for one of my occasional evening work shifts and requested that The Machinist see if he could figure it out.  And he sent me this picture, with the email subject: A picture is worth:



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I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.

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