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Napkins to Quilts

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I was married about three weeks ago, and engaged for about 14 months before that. That was 14 months in which to plan a wedding from the ceremony down to the napkins. I didn’t spend hours picking out cloth napkins, nor did I go with plain white or ivory ones. I enlisted my mom to make cloth napkins in several different red print fabrics, for the explicit reason that I wanted to make a quilt from them later on. This coming from someone who’s said that my first quilt (finished 8 years ago or so) was also my last.


Alas, I have begun the process. In the last two days, I’ve made two quilt blocks, testing out some patterns. I just showed my husband. His first response: “those look like they are well made.” The second: “Wait – those weren’t napkins, were they? I don’t remember seeing fish napkins.” The tomatoes are actually left over from the first quilt. Everything else was a wedding napkin, save the small square in the center of the log cabin block – that is leftover from a wedding bow tie.


Author: Accacia

I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.

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